About Via.com

Launched on July 28th, 2006 as Flightraja.com and incorporated in May 2007, Via has silently revolutionized the Indian travel industry. Today we are present through 50,000 partners across 1700 cities, so that you can find us right in your neighborhood. Our partner network sells Via’s innovative and value-for-money travel products and services every day to their customers. If you have been managing your travel through a local Travel Agent, it is quite possible that you have availed of our products and services even before you knew who we are.

In just 3 years of operation, we have an annual sales revenue of close to 500 million USD. We have more than 350 extremely bright, dedicated and honest people working in our Bangalore headquarters, as well as local sales executives in all major cities.

Our philosophy is pretty simple: Take Complexity Out, Bring Quality and Affordability in.

We make selling very easy. We started with the premise of selling travel, not necessarily under our brand, but to everyone through our partners, world class travel products and services in every neighborhood and deliver great customer service. We serve over 2 million customers that walk into our outlets everyday, that you can practically find in your neighborhood. We are the ‘Via’ Inside Of the Travel World. We hate to be a me too: We have always prided ourselves in attempting and solving problems which makes the life of consumers and partners simple, and when we say simple means, in a few minutes, you can get the best price and quality in your neighborhood. What we have achieved today is that we have made quality travel accessible to a common man, in each and every corner of India through partners, bringing the bus industry online, building the first known reservation systems for bus operators to enable bus bookings in early 2007, be the first ones to build a automatic ticket booking kiosk or through the mobile, or now launching a totally different way of doing hotel bookings in India, called Via Rooms {Whats in a name}.
Our vision and dream of creating simplicity has lead to many successful incubations, new ideas puts us in a league far ahead from our competitors. We are disruptive in our approach to destroy the existing practices or create efficiency in them, and come up with new ones which gives our customers great quality and savings in a few seconds always.
Unbelievable customer service. NO customer calls when all is well. We believe customer service starts with listening to the customer, owning what is wrong and then going out of your way to fix it. That’s it, it does not mean, large call centers flooded with hundreds of souls or jazzy 1-800 numbers. Just a simple email or SMS will do. We will call you back. We fundamentally believe most problems can be eliminated by design and the rest by listening.

How it started

Via started in a small garage on 9th A Main Road, 2nd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore in early 2006 when we were solving the problem of how to make travel easier for the consumer. We saw a very fragmented travel market in India, primarily driven by cash, which was lacking quality products and services. The idea of selling travel FMCG style was born there. Today we are the largest thing, of its kind on the Ground. We feel proud to have made it with the help of the whole team. Learn more about us here.

We just kept one focus, that was how can a Via partner sell more efficiently to his customer and what sales tools can we give him to service his customer better. That one focus and feedback from all our partners let us to create a powerful platform where the word of mouth itself got more and more travel agents join us and do business with us

Our People:
Via’s people are, our most valuable asset. We believe that the only way to succeed is to be the best and aim for being the best. We cultivate a culture where our people are groomed to be leaders in their work areas and create future leaders.
In a service business, we know that without dedicated, talented and thoughtful people, we cannot be the firm we aspire to be. Our principal assets are our people, capital and reputation. We are committed to maintaining a culture of diversity, integrity and strong business principles.


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