Mera Trip at Mera Price by

Continuing with the tradition of launching innovative products in the market, launched Beta version of yet another innovative product – “Mera Trip @ Mera Price”.

“Mera Trip @ Mera Price” enables customer’s to quote or specify the price they are prepared to pay when submitting an offer for a particular leisure travel service (flight or hotel or holiday) .Customers are tired of looking for “best prices” and “Your Trip @ Your Price” empowers customers to decide what they want to pay. Via also launched the advertisement campaign in Times of India.

Via is the first in India to launch MTMP system. The “Mera Trip @ Mera Price” system is where a buyer specifies a price and a product and/or service, and asks sellers to match that combination. MTMP is a special type of reverse auction originally pioneered on the Internet in India by

Mera-trip-mera-price sales are considered “opaque” by marketers because buyers “don’t know the name of the supplier (airline, hotel or car rental company) or the schedule (with air tickets) until after” they make a non-refundable purchase. Suppliers benefit because they can sell to the most price-conscious travellers without publicly disclosing those low rates. Furthermore the dealer is allowed to make a return offer, if the price the user requests is low. After the bidding, if no dealer has accepted the user price, the user receives the lowest bid amongst the dealers. Within the first two days of its launch the consumers have actively responded with great positive feedbacks.

In India , with established OTA’s Like Makemytrip , Yatra and Cleartrip . has distinguished itself with this innovative and new approach to travel booking. Earlier this year they had entered the online deals and coupons market, and have proved a good player in the online Indian market. For more information visit

About Via:

Via is the largest player in the domestic travel market in India. Via today is also the 5th largest travel company in South East Asia with a presence in over 200 south East Asian cities with over a few hundred people working there. The company has played a significant role in bringing world-class travel products at affordable prices, next door to the Indian consumers. Via’s travel network is spread across 2000 towns and cities with over 50000 stores. The company has the widest network in India today. The key to the success of Via was that they were able to aggregate all the travel sectors into one umbrella. Via’s DNA has been to get there and help consumers win and the industry prosper.

For information Please click on Mera Trip at Mera Price


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