Top 5 Tourist Places in Kerala

Any mention about Kerala, conjures in one’s mind, an image of pristine backwaters, palm fringed beaches, tranquil villages and greenery in profusion. God has generously bestowed this land with the bounties of nature and so it only seems natural when Kerala is referred to, as God’s own country.

A much sought-after destination for tourists in India and abroad, Kerala is named as one of the ‘Ten Paradises of the World’ and ‘Fifty Places of a Lifetime’ by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. The alluring serenity of this place leaves every tourist spell bound, making them come back year after year. Be it the sun-kissed beaches or the misty hill stations; the rhythmic backwaters or the forestlands rich with all varieties of flora and fauna; pilgrim centres or historic monuments; Kerala has everything you might travel far and wide to see. Just one visit and you will know why Kerala has the lovely epithets attached to it.


Munroe Island: Named after the British Resident, Colonel Munroe, of erstwhile Travancore, the Munroe Island is a palm covered isle on the backwaters of Kollam. Several tools of the Stone Age and megaliths discovered here, speak volumes about the antiquity of this island.

Jetayu Para: Jetayu Para, a huge rock, is another attraction in Kollam district. The name comes from the epic Ramayana. It is believed that Jatayu, the giant bird in the epic, fell after failing in its attempt to spot Ravana from taking Sita away. It’s an ideal destination for rock climbing for those who love adventure.


Mahe: A quaint little town with a distinctively French flavour, Mahe is located 58 km north of Kozhikode and intersected by the River Mahe. The town was earlier known as ‘Mayyazhi’ but was renamed after ‘Mahe’ after the Frenchman who captured it.

Velliyamkallu: This massive rock, much dreaded by navigators, was once a vantage point for the Marakkars to attack the invading Portuguese. An entire crew of a Portuguese ship was killed here. The beautiful natural engravings on the rocks are worth seeing.


It is believed that the waters of this natural spring, located in front of the old Sree Rama Temple here, is as sacred as the waters of the Ganges.


Aruvikkara: Aruvikkara is both a pilgrim centre and a picnic spot situated on the banks of the Karamana River. Aruvikkara which literally means the riverbank has a Bhagavathy temple with a water fall nearby. A stream with fishes which come up to be fed by visitors is another attraction.

Vizhinjam: Vizhinjam is about 2 kms south of Kovalam. It is an ancient port. The Dutch and Portugese had commercial establishments here. It is being developed as a modern fishing harbour.


Punnathoor Kotta: The Punnathoor Kotta is now home to more than 60 elephants, all of them gifted by devotees to the Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor. The palace grounds of the one-time Punnathoor Raja are now visited by devotees who come to the temple and stop by, to see and even feed the elephants.

Anakkayam: Situated on the Sholayar- Peringalkuthu route, Anakkayam is roughly 20 kms from Chalakudy. The place is famous for its placid lake. The place is said to have derived its name from an incident in which a group of elephants drowned in the deep lake. Hence the name ‘Aanakkayam’ (Elephant crevice).

Cheruthuruthy: 29 km north of Thrissur town, near the Shornur Railway Station is Cheruthuruthy, a scenic village known for the cultural centre Kalamandalam. It is here that Kathakali, the most famous art form of Kerala, was born.


Lakkidi’s Chain Tree: Lakkidi is not just famous for its spectacular landscape but also for the Chained Tree which has a very intriguing tale to it. It is believed that a British engineer could not find his way out of the dense forest in Vythiri and so sought the help of a tribal called Karinthandan who successfully led him out of the forest.

Pookot Lake: 3 km from Vythiri, Pookot Lake is a delightful place surrounded by small wooded hills. One can take a pony or horse ride on the 1.5 km pathway around the lake. A curio shop nearby, sells bamboo and wooden artifacts and hill produce such as spices, tea and honey.

Edakkal Caves: The discovery of these spectacular caves was made by Fred Fawcett, the Superintendent of Police who had come to Wayanad on a hunting trip in 1890. Situated 12 km from Sulthan Bathery, these prehistoric shelters are natural rock formations. The caves are situated so high on a cliff, that the trek to the top of the rocks is quite exhausting.

How to Reach:

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