Online Bus Booking from Delhi to Haridwar

When people get frustrated by their daily hectic life in the city and they feel that they have done enough bad deeds, they flock to Haridwar to wash away their sins and seek shelter in the laps of mother Ganga. Haridwar is believed to be a magical place by the Hindus who revere Ganga and come to bath in it to be rejuvenated by its waters. Going to Haridwar is like fulfilling a life’s ambition. Being situated at about 214kms from Delhi, it is one of the most visited places by the rich Dilliwallas who come here to relax.
The commercial and business hub of India, Delhi has been witness to a tumultuous history of uprising and falling of many empires. This hustling and bustling metropolitan city comprises of seven cities that were built by different emperors from time to time. It is perhaps the only city in the world that presents so many contrasts at once – there is the old-age charm and ruins of Old Delhi and there are strong and mighty giant buildings of New Delhi, there are the chic, fashionable belles of South Delhi and there are India lasses dressed in traditional and ethnic dresses, there are sparkling cars firing through wide roads and there are cycle-rickshaws in the streets of more congested areas.
Haridwar, literally Gateway to God, is one of the Hindu holy places in India and a center of Hindu religion and mysticism for centuries. Located on the banks of River Ganges (Ganga), at the point where the Ganges descends from the hills to the North Indian plains, Haridwar attracts a large number of Hindu pilgrims from all over the world.
Haridwar is the site of many religious festivals. Most notably, once every twelve years it is the venue for the Kumbh Mela, humanity’s largest festival, which drew a record 70 million in 2003. (The festival rotates between Haridwar and Allahabad, Ujjain and Nashik.) The Ardh Mela, or “half mela”, is held every six years. The last Maha Kumbh Mela was in 2010, and the next Ardh Mela will be in 2016.
Other yearly festivals include:
Baisakhi, April.
Kanwar Mela, July. The largest yearly festival, drawing up to 300,000 visitors.
Somwati Amavasya, July. Almost as large as the Kanwar Mela.
Kartik Purnima, held 15 days after Diwali on the first night of the full moon in November.
While the festivals are colorful and fascinating, they also strain the town’s limited infrastructure to the breaking point and sometimes beyond. Book rooms and tickets well in advance, and avoid travel by road as the traffic jams can be horrendous.
Travel by Bus:
So there are various modes of transport which people take to reach Haridwar from Delhi. But the one which is the most preferred one is buses. Delhi to Haridwar buses are very popular and are boarded by many for travelling to this mystical place. These are easily available and are nominally priced.
Many travel operators both public and private offer excellent Delhi to Haridwar bus services. Online Bus booking from Delhi to Haridwar can be booked through internet by using the online booking facility enabled by many travel operators. On the internet one can easily and very quickly find any details that he/she wants to have regarding buses, their timings, boarding points, routes, bus fares, etc. any type of buses can be booked by this facility. Volvo bus booking from Delhi to Haridwar is also easily available.
While booking tickets on the internet you can also choose your preferred boarding points from which you want to avail bus from. There are a lot of bus boarding points available in Delhi such as Red Fort, Kashmiri Gate, Connaught Place, Scindhi house, etc. Each travel operator has different timings and bus boarding points. So passenger can choose and book their bus tickets with the one that is most suitable for them. The payments are made through debit or credit card so it does not take a lot of time.
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